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Food waste is a global problem and leads to the unnecessary use of resources, such as water, land, and energy, that are required to produce food.

Retail establishments and the food service industry accounts for

0 million
tonnes of food waste in a year

How does FruPro help?


Build your network and connect with new customers. Increase your trade reach and get fresh produce into the food chain


Divert your fresh produce to new buyers or food banks and charities with the help of our platform features and tailored services


Reduce risk and bad debt through trading with the entire supply chain in a transparent and compliant marketplace

Impact Reports

Satsuma Donation

Kölla UK provided 23 pallets (20.96 tonnes), of Cat 1 quality Satsumas to FareShare UK through the FruPro platform.

See impact report

Sweet Potato Donation

Vitafresh has nourished thousands of people across
London experiencing food poverty through donating on our platform.

See impact report

Vitafresh Donation

Vitafresh produce provided 2.1 tonnes of Cat 2 quality sweet potatoes to FareShare UK through the FruPro platform.

See impact report

Latest impact figures

FruPro eases the redistribution and donation process for all parties. In the last 12 months, FruPro, in collaboration with its partners, managed to:


Saved 43,060 kgs of fresh produce from waste


Served 93,143 meals to food insecure population


Prevented 163,628 kgs of CO2e emissions release

The donation to FareShare was very easy and all communication and assistance provided by the FruPro team was very good. FruPro clarified technical issues for us.

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Early impact figures

During the first UK COVID-19 lockdown hospitality was shut overnight, FruPro stepped in to help the industry overcome the fresh produce supply chain challenges. In one weekend FruPro:

Saved 251 pallets from waste

Fed 500,000 people

Generated £100k of revenue

FruPro has been a great help to Reynolds in ensuring that we have been able to divert produce, which might have otherwise gone to waste, to people who really need it. Now more than ever it’s important that our industry works together to prevent food shortages and minimise any wastage.


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