FruPro for

Fruit and Veg Wholesalers

Your tool to procure quality produce and expand your active network reach

How Fruit and Veg Wholesalers Utilise FruPro

Expand Your Network

FruPro is the solution that directly connects wholesalers with the rest of the fruit and veg supply chain.

  • Reach new buyers and suppliers

    Access to a diverse and reliable network of suppliers and buyers.

  • See live offers from suppliers

    View all offers made by suppliers. Have updated info and details provided to you live - no need to request and wait.

  • Connect with the buyers and sellers

    Connect with buyers and sellers using quick and easy in-app messaging. Say goodbye to fragmented communication channels.

FruPro platform screens showing how to connect with the industry

Industry Guidance

FruPro was built for the industry, by the industry. We use this expertise to bolster your market position and grow revenue.

  • Expert support

    Get expert matchmaking, marketing guidance and updates on how to make the most of the global network.

  • Boost your brand presence

    Receive tailored support for your needs and boost your brand presence.

  • Keep your business up to date

    Get advice on consumer demands, market trends and industry news.

FruPro platform screens showing how you can promote and boost your brand presence

Optimise Efficiency

Broadcast your needs, connect via live chat and reach a wider network than ever before.

  • Know your customer

    Whether a supplier or a buyer, easily view the terms and conditions for any business you deal with.

  • Reduce food waste costs

    Donate surplus produce for free and save on food waste costs.

  • Communicate easily

    Broadcast your trading needs to the whole network. Save time and valuable resources to focus on things that matter.

FruPro screens showing how businesses can promote their products and also donate them

What Our Partners Say

What Fruit and Veg Wholesalers Ask Us

How will FruPro improve communication with my network?

We have made it quick and easy with a secure chat function that allows you to send instant messages, broadcast to a whole network of buyers and keep track of all your sales in one place. No need to change the way you do business, just upgrade it.

How is FruPro different to searching for businesses online?

Our industry is behind the digital age and lacks up-to-date information more than ever. Just searching online wont work because some businesses don’t have websites and those who do may not have the info you need. We understand our fast-paced industry and provide all the info in one place. FruPro helps you get live, on-the-day information about clients, find potential partners in a few clicks and then begin trading. 

Who can you connect me with?

We connect you with traders that suit your business interests and offer tailored matchmaking introductions. Our team of experts have decades of experience to connect you with the right people.

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