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Fresh Produce Growers

Your gateway to a wide network and increased profits

How Frupro Connects Your Business and Boosts Revenue

Connect With a Huge Network

For fresh produce growers, a limited network means limited income. FruPro is the solution.

  • Find new partners

    Find new partners with full access to a global fresh produce directory.

  • Connect with the industry

    Connect with the industry using quick and easy in-app messaging.

  • See what buyers need

    See exactly what your buyers are needing and offer quick supply with one click.

FruPro platform screens showing how to connect with the industry

Streamline Operations

Slow operations mean slow payments, order issues and lower revenue. We help fresh produce growers optimise their business.

  • Donate excess food

    Save time and money on food waste costs. FruPro provides an easy donation option.

  • Know how your future partners trade

    Clearly find the terms and conditions and trading habits of your potential partners.

  • Keep track of your trade

    Keep track of ongoing trades with invoice histories, and collect your payments on time.

FruPro screens showing how businesses can promote their products and also donate them

Expert Guidance for Fresh Produce Growers

We work closely alongside fresh produce growers to ensure that the right clients meet the right people in the most profitable ways.

  • Boost your trade opportunities

    Boost your trade opportunities with custom matchmaking and expert guidance.

  • Get dedicated support

    Access to your dedicated account manager that will connect you with the right key players.

  • Leverage industry trends

    Get weekly updates with all the latest industry news and new businesses that have joined the platform.

FruPro platform screens showing how you can promote and boost your brand presence

What Our Partners Say

Fresh Produce Growers Ask These Questions

Who can you connect me with?

We connect you with traders that suit your business interests and offer tailored matchmaking introductions. Our team of experts have decades of experience to connect you with the right people.

Can I upload my upcoming products to the platform?

Yes, you can schedule your products when adding a new product to your store. This way, you can start chatting with your potential buyers.

How will FruPro improve communication with my network?

We have made it quick and easy with a secure chat function that allows you to send instant messages, broadcast to a whole network of buyers and keep track of all your sales in one place. No need to change the way you do business, just upgrade it.

Want to see how the platform works? Book a time with the team.

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