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Fresh Produce Retailers

The one platform to grow your supplier network, buy quality produce and champion consumer demands

How FruPro Helps Expand Your Network and Boost Your Revenue

Access a Wide Network of Suppliers

Expanding your supplier network doesn’t have to be time consuming. We link the whole supply chain in one place.

  • Connect directly with suppliers

    Connect directly with buyers, save time and unnecessary costs

  • Communicate efficiently with your suppliers

    Make business simple with quick networking and instant messaging

  • See live offers from suppliers

    Access all offers made by suppliers with updated info and details provided to you live. No need to request and wait.

FruPro platform screens showing how to connect with the industry

Boost your Trade

FruPro has removed slow and inconvenient business. We save time and money for retailers.

  • Let suppliers know what you need

    Post demands, find the right product at the right price. Determine your requested delivery date, amount and price.

  • Automate recurring trade

    Trade online, receive your recurring trade with ease, manage your invoices.

  • Replace legacy systems

    Centralise communication with your team and network. Say goodbye to legacy systems.

Efficient Business with Expert Support

We use our heritage and expertise to connect the supply chain in the most efficient way. FruPro helps to lower your risk and increase your revenue.

  • Expert support

    Get expert matchmaking, marketing guidance and updates on how to make the most of the global network.

  • Build strong relations

    Receive tailored support for your needs and enhance your relations with your suppliers.

  • Champion new trends

    Get advice on consumer demands, market trends and industry news.

FruPro screens showing how businesses can promote their products and also donate them

What Our Partners Say

What Fresh Produce Retailers Ask Us

I already have a network with good service, what is the benefit of joining FruPro?

We allow retailers to stay ahead of unpredictable trends, find stability in shifting markets and ultimately, leave you with options for how you wish to procure your fresh produce.

Does your platform help us find our specific/unexpected fresh produce needs?

Yes, you can post your demands on the platform with specific needs as quality, deadline to receive, origin of the product, etc. This is broadcasted on the platform to all relevant suppliers who can respond instantly if they have what you need.

Who can you connect me with?

We connect you with traders that suit your business interests and offer matchmaking introductions.

Want to see how the platform works? Book a time with the team.

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