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FruPro is a platform for the whole fresh produce supply chain, whether you are a Grower, Importer, Wholesaler, Retailer or third party service provider.

FruPro will help Growers expand their network through connecting them to new trusted trading partners, reducing risk and opening opportunities for trade. Importers can access all relevant information on orders, sales and clients in a centralised platform and streamline their communication with growers and buyers. Wholesalers and Retailers will benefit from new connections locally and internationally, allowing them to diversify and differentiate from their competition.

If programmes fail, the platform will use our automated connection technology to redistribute produce to your local food waste charities. If surplus produce has less than 20% rot, then FruPro users can choose to donate the produce and our allocation mechanism will match them with their local food bank. An automated email will be sent to the local food bank with info on the produce, which can then be accepted or rejected, once accepted Fareshare will arrange the transport and collection process.

As well as reducing fruit and veg waste, FruPro will streamline the fresh produce supply chain so that programmes can be fulfilled more efficiently. Systems will be integrated across the supply chain so that users have access to real-time data and programmes will be automatically matched to drivers so that the overall number of trips is reduced and driver capacity is maximised in the future.

Yes, at our core FruPro is an open market, however deals can be kept private and the agreed price of a deal will not be shared with other parties, we use price guides.

Service & Support

If there is a dispute on FruPro the dispute should be settled between the buyer and seller. If however, there are issues there is a rating system which can be used to give feedback on the other party which will be reviewed by FruPro.

Logistics will continue to be organised in traditional manners. Utilising your own fleet or booking with companies you already use. In the future we will be adding the ability to book transport through the platform.

To set up an account you register an interest online and will be contacted by FruPro’s customer support team.

You can send a message invite directly to your contacts from within the FruPro Platform which will allow you to select multiple contacts at once with a link to the platform in which they will be able to register all directly from the FruPro mobile app.

You have two options: booking a call with our onboarding team who can assist you with setting up your store. Or follow our library of tutorial videos on how to use the platform.

Cost & Billing

Both buyer and seller pay a service fee of 0.5% on a completed trade.

All payments should be paid through the platform and any payments completed off the platform where the trade and information has been agreed on FruPro. You will agree to pay us the service fee for each concluded transaction even if the ultimate transaction is concluded off the platform. In the future credit insurance will be added to the platform.

To make a purchase on FruPro you put an offer in on a product which is listed on the platform, once both parties have agreed you pay by scanning the QR code on the invoice. This will enable an automated payment.

FruPro service fee is included on completion of transactions. Billing happens live, is clearly shown and there will be no additional costs.


Your trades are private, and only you as a company will be able to see the information of your trades and who you are selling to. Company admin can see everyone within the company's trades too.

FruPro enables you to see all your deals agreed through the platform in one place. You will have the history of your trades and the agreed terms.