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What is FruPro? How it helps me grow my network?

FruPro is an online B2B platform that connects businesses in the fresh produce industry. It helps buyers and sellers of fresh produce and fresh produce-related businesses to offer their products and services to other businesses.

Businesses can use live social feed to post their products, demands, or any fresh produce related content. They can search and filter other businesses based on their interests, directly chat with them, broadcast their offerings and demands, and directly buy and sell on the platform.

What are the benefits of trading fruit and veg online?

Trading fruits and vegetables online opens up new opportunities to expand your network locally and internationally and build new connections with different parties in the supply chain. Administration, logistics and communication are all streamlined through using a centralised digital platform where you can access all the information on pricing, orders, customers and fulfilment. Risk is reduced through having access to trusted users, with transparent data and information provided on user reputation.

Who is FruPro for?

FruPro is a platform for all businesses in fresh produce. Whether you are a grower, importer, wholesaler, retailer, food service, non-profit organization, or third-party service provider to those businesses, you can use FruPro to connect and increase your profits.

How can FruPro help with my fresh produce supply chain challenges?

FruPro provides tailored sales, matchmaking and marketing support. We help you expand your network by connecting you to new partners, reducing risk and opening opportunities for trade. We also help companies to arrange their logistics within the United Kingdom.

How does FruPro help reduce fruit and veg wastage?

We help you divert your excess stock to new outlets, by allowing you to connect with new partners from around the world. Within the United Kingdom, we also allow you to divert excess stock to food waste charities. An automated email will be sent to the local food bank with info on the produce, which can then be accepted or rejected, once accepted our partner charities and food banks will arrange the transport and collection process.

How does FruPro help the environment?

As well as reducing fruit and veg waste, FruPro will streamline the fresh produce supply chain so that programmes can be fulfilled more efficiently.

Is FruPro an open market?

Yes, at our core FruPro is an open market. We don’t impose any restrictions on deals made by buyers, sellers or service providers. You can keep your deal and price information private.

Cost & Billing

How much does it cost to use FruPro?

We have two subscription packages available to use the platform. You can check packages on our plans page, and get in touch with the team to discuss the pricing and payment options.

What are the fees to trade fruit and veg on FruPro?

FruPro operates with a monthly subscription. We don’t charge buyers or sellers any additional fees.

Can I accept payments on the FruPro platform?

FruPro creates invoice on behalf of the seller and the buyer will directly pay the seller to the bank account.

How do I make a purchase on FruPro?

To make a purchase on FruPro you put an offer in on a product which is listed on the platform. The seller will automatically receive your offer and then will dispatch the products.

Service & Support

Who do I speak to at FruPro when I have a problem?

FruPro has a customer success team which is open to calls during working hours. If you are outside these hours, you can send us an email and our team will address these. You can request help on the platform by clicking the “Get Support” menu tab. Additionally, for our subscribers, there is also a knowledge-sharing section on our platform with how-to guides.

Who does the logistics?

FruPro has several logistic partners on the platform offering their services. We also support our partners with finding optimal partners for logistics.

How do I set up an account?

You have two options to set up your account. You can set your account on your own by visiting this link and going through the registration steps. If you think you need help, you can set up your account with the help of our team. To do that fill out the form here on our contact page and our team will reach out to you to go over the steps.

How do I invite my contacts to FruPro? Do I win anything by inviting my contacts?

You have two options to invite your contacts to FruPro. Under the account menu on the mobile app, you can share the platform directly with your contacts. Or you can click our referral page and put your interest to be a referrer for FruPro. If you refer a company to us who in turn subscribes for a minimum of 6 months we will pay you £100 for every referral.

What support can I get creating my store?

Subscribers of the platform can request sales, matchmaking and marketing support. You can request additional help by clicking the “Get Support” menu on the platform.


How secure is my data?

We use encryption and security throughout our platform to keep you and your data safe whilst storing your data in Cloud by adding additional levels of security, encryption keys and data stores as well as encrypting your data whilst in transit. We will never sell your data to third parties and your data will never be used in advertising. For more information, review terms and conditions.

Does anyone have access to my trades?

Your trades are private, and only you as a company will be able to see the information of your trades and who you are selling to. Company admin can see everyone within the company’s trades too. FruPro enables you to see all your deals agreed upon through the platform in one place. You will have the history of your trades and the agreed terms.

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