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FruPro, the Fresh Produce Marketplace

Fruit and veg industry simplified

Say goodbye to directories, endless emails, calls, messages and pen and paper processes. Our streamlined platform saves you time and money, enabling you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Access to a Wide, Trusted Network

We connect fresh produce businesses with an active network. Save time and increase your profits.

  • Find trusted partners

    Fresh produce supply chain can access a connected and active network on the platform.

  • Communicate effectively

    Simple and fast communication via in-app messages and social feed makes networking easy for the supply chain.

  • See what is going on, real time

    See exactly what buyers are needing and sellers are offering on the live platform.

FruPro platform screens showing how to connect with the industry

Streamlined Operations

Slow operations mean slow payments, and order issues. We help fresh produce supply chain optimise their business.

FruPro screens showing how businesses can promote their products and also donate them
  • Donate excess food

    Save time and money on food waste costs. FruPro provides an easy donation option.

  • Know how your future partners trade

    Clearly find the terms and conditions and trading habits of your potential partners.

  • Keep track of your trade

    Keep track of ongoing trades with invoice histories. Don't miss payment deadlines.

Expert Guidance and Support

FruPro was built for the industry, by the industry. We use this expertise to bolster your market position and grow revenue.

  • Boost your trade opportunities

    Boost your trade opportunities with custom matchmaking and expert guidance.

  • Get dedicated support

    Access to your dedicated account manager that will connect you with the right key players.

  • Leverage industry trends

    Get weekly updates with all the latest industry news and new businesses that have joined the platform.

FruPro platform screens showing how you can promote and boost your brand presence

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Our Story

Our Founder Will Hill

In 2019, our founder Will conceived of an idea. His vision was to transform the siloed fresh produce supply chain and digitally connect the B2B industry. He brought FruPro to life with co-founders Ollie (CEO) and Kov (CTO). With over 130 years of family heritage and 20 years of first hand experience in fresh produce, Will stands at the core of FruPro. 

Our CEO Ollie

Ollie’s background in business transformation consulting ensured smooth operations at every step. Prior to FruPro, Ollie organised an annual charity event, providing 50,000 meals for the homeless and this dedication to reducing food insecurity remains a core tenet of FruPro. His family have a potato and arable farming background.

Our CTO Kov

Kov’s experience in technological solutions for industry pioneers was crucial to the FruPro’s success. With an extensive professional portfolio, including Product Director in Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions at GSK, Kov has progressed the platform through its digital transformation. 

Now, with the support of a wider international team, FruPro has become the essential platform for the fresh produce supply chain. Aiming to support the next five generations of fresh produce, FruPro connects, guides and optimises fresh produce business.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our ambition is to minimize the waste and loss of fresh produce within the supply chain, while also working towards preventing CO2 emissions and minimizing hunger. We believe that by reducing waste, we can not only help the environment but also maximize revenue for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Food waste is now a bigger contributor to climate change than plastic, with 1kg of food waste being sent to landfill equating to 25,000 plastic bottles in terms of carbon emissions.

We help all businesses in the fresh produce sector to optimise their operations, connect with new businesses and reduce their food waste levels in the process.

food waste

Between 6-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions occur as a result of wasted food. If food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter.

We give the option to easily donate surplus produce. Working closely with food bank and charities, we have a strong network to depend on and clear metrics to measure the outcomes.

Shockingly, 33% of all fruit and vegetables grown globally are wasted, while 7.3 million people lack sufficient access to affordable or nutritious food as of April 2022 in the UK alone.

In 2022, we have helped to redistribute almost 100,000 meals' worth of fresh produce to those who need it the most. We are continually improving our fight against food waste.

By actively working together with our partners, we are striving to create a more sustainable and equitable food system for everyone.

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