What are the benefits of using the FruPro platform?

Optimise Your Operations!

Fresh produce wholesalers suffer from arrival dates and quality of products. Many times wholesalers have clients waiting for arrivals of fruit and vegetables because traditional communication channels fail wholesalers to get proper and timely information about the delivery of their bulk orders. With FruPro, you have access to a trusted network with ease and always stay on top of your trade.

Buy & Sell On a Single Platform!

Optimise your operations through buying and selling on a single platform. Automate the order process digitally rather than using phone, voicemail, whatsapp or fax.

Create a Digital Store!

Create a digital and dynamic online store of your products, to meet customers needs and
increase sales.

Increase Your Reach!

Increase your reach and find new exciting opportunities with buyers and suppliers.

Reduce The Risk Of Bad Debt!

Fresh produce wholesalers are open to financial risk because of the high-volume trading. Reduce the risk of bad debt by digitally knowing your customers, and utilising the rating system.

Trade efficiently!

Trade efficiently and reduce your commercial risk with real time data on pricing, availability and ratings.

Communicate Issues Instantly!

Are you done with waiting to receive fresh produce to find out that your order is, in fact, not fulfilled? Utilise FruPro’s trusted network and communicate any issues in quality instantly through live photos.

Diversify With New Partners!

Diversify and differentiate by connecting with new trusted partners locally and globally. Grow your network and your reach.

Join the community!

Be a part of our story, you can make a change to the future of the fresh produce industry!