What are the benefits of using the FruPro platform?

Optimise Your Operations!

In an ever changing world dynamics, fresh produce retailers must adhere to the dictating demands of the population. With the rise of plant-based diet and health focus, most retailers offer a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables to their customers. This can create lots of time spent activities, manual tasks, and endless communication traffic, if done traditionally. With the pressing demand for fresh produce, retailers now need to allocate more resources to find new trusted suppliers, and also a set of new quality control measures, and buying team for different product lines. With FruPro, it becomes easy to pick your right supplier and products and always provide the best fruit and vegetables to your consumers, in less time and less manual work without having to expand your team.

Assurance On Quality With Full Transparency!

Gain assurance on the quality and provenance of the product through full transparency.

Transact With Confidence & Speed!

Fresh produce retailers can now transact with confidence and speed on our secure platform, utilising the information to make better decisions, reducing time spent and solidifying relationships.

Optimise Procurement With All Orders & Invoices!

Optimise procurement with all orders and invoices in one place providing you a holistic view.

Communicate Issues With Quality!

Communicate issues with quality instantly through live photos.

Join the platform!

Be a part of our story, you can make a change to the future of the fresh produce industry!