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Boost your business with FruPro Platform

Regular Plan

For businesses who want to grow their network and
boost their revenue with ease
  • Connect with a huge network
  • Communicate instantly
    with traders
  • Cut food waste costs
  • Optimise business operations
  • Get marketing advice to
    boost income
  • Tailored social media promotion
  • Post demands and
    offerings online
  • Frictionless customer support

Advanced Plan

For businesses who want to champion the market
with tailored services
  • All of regular plan features +
  • Tailored sales and matchmaking
    support from industry experts
  • Dedicated customer
    support advisor
  • Tailored marketing support to
    boost visibility and networking
  • Exclusive connections
    to other brands
  • Logistics and networking support
  • Import and export consultancy

Why Choose FruPro


FruPro has growers, importers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the globe and encourage businesses to connect with each other with easy communication and connection opportunities.

Tailored Expert Support

You can benefit from the expert support customised for your needs on varying topics: marketing, logistics, platform usage, networking, sales.


Communicate with your team and your partners instantly. Donate or redistribute surplus produce, reduce food waste costs and automate operations.

Compare All Features

Regular packageAdvanced package
Connect with a huge networkAll of standard features plus
Communicate instantly with tradersTailored sales and matchmaking support
Cut food waste costsDedicated customer support advisor
Optimise business operationsStrategic marketing guidance
Get marketing advice to boost incomeExclusive connections to other brands
Tailored social media promotionLogistics and networking services
Post demands and offerings onlineImport and export consultancy
Frictionless customer supportTailored promotions for your brand
Communicate instantly with our live chat and expand your networkNetworking done for you with our matchmaking service
Donate fresh produce with ease and cut food waste costsTailored sales and marketing guidance from industry experts
Streamline all trading operations on our easy and efficient platformCustomised import and export advice
Connect with every part of the supply chain for all business needsDedicated customer support advisor and account manager
Get marketing guidance product support and social media promotionsExclusive opportunities to connect with businesses and boost brand visibility
Meet all your trade needs with instant demand postings and offeringsTailored promotions campaigns and access to market analytics

What Our Partners Say

"We had decided to start targeting the wholesale and food service industry with our Mudwalls products and have found FruPro to be a real opportunity and very cost effective to help us. FruPro has started to show how well it can connect us to new customers that we wouldn’t normally engage with."
George Beach
George Beach
Managing Director at Mudwalls Farm
"I can only say good things about our experience with FruPro. Each step of the process, from the initial set-up to launching our products on the site has been straightforward. The team are professional, efficient, and friendly, plus they are always on hand whenever I may need assistance."
Laura Harrigan
Laura Harrigan
Sales Manager at the New Forest Fruit
"FruPro allows us to expand our network within the fresh produce sector, creating a smoother chain of communication and ease of acquiring new suppliers and connecting with new customers. A dedicated fresh produce platform to aid both sales and purchases."
Damian Weedon
Damian Weedon
Executive Director at W T Hills & Sons (Import)

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