What are the benefits of using the FruPro platform?

Optimise Your Operations!

Fresh produce importers are often hit by inability to see market demand and supply, price and crop volatility. The problem with the communication between growers and importers and importers and wholesalers often cripples importers’ ability to provide products in a timely manner to the wholesale market, which results in worsening relations or, even worse, termination of trade. This inability to see market demand and supply makes forward planning mainly guess work so importers cannot set clear expansion targets and cannot forecast what the future will bring. Quality controls are also vague and hard to get a clear explanation of what the problem is. FruPro puts an end to all these problems. Fresh produce importers can now expand their procurement base, communicate on one platform with both their suppliers and buyers.

Communicate With Growers & Buyers!

Easily communicate information to Growers & Buyers on the quality of the product and share key information as the product progresses down the supply chain.

Streamline Your Business!

Streamline your business by having access to all relevant information on orders, sales and

Centralise Your Communication!

Centralise your communication with your customers, improving current trade by sending
customers offers of your produce directly to them, updating them on what is available.

Access To New Fruit & Veg Markets Globally!

Access specific new fruit and veg markets globally and open new opportunities through building a digital reputation, enabling you to scale and diversify your business.

Join the platform!

Be a part of our story, you can make a change to the future of the fresh produce industry!