What are the benefits of using the FruPro platform?

Optimise Your Operations!

Transact 24/7!

Transact online 24/7 on the go, send invoices and accept payments in our secure system where all transactions are recorded and enforceable.

Create Your Own Store!

Create a digital and dynamic online store of your products, to meet customers needs and
increase sales.

Improve Trade & Communication!

Centralise your communication with your customers, improving current trade by sending
customers offers of your produce directly to them, updating them on what is available.

Grow Your Network!

Grow your network by connecting you to new trusted trading partners, reducing risk and opening opportunity for trade.

Reduce Waste By Redistributing Your Produce!

Reduce waste by redistributing produce to new buyers if programmes are not fulfilled and use our automated connection to your local food waste charities if there is a surplus.

View & Understand The Market!

View the market and understand the availability and guide prices of fresh produce and improve the traceability of your product through the supply chain.

Join the community!

Be a part of our story, you can make a change to the future of the fresh produce industry!