Food Supply Chain: Fresh Food Suppliers for Retailers

Supermarket shelves full of fresh fuit and veg

Is your retail sourcing the best it can be? If you’re a retailer, hotel, restaurant, pub, or catering service, you know that sourcing fresh produce is an ongoing challenge in the food supply chain.  

The supply chain is complex, and there are many factors that can affect the quality, availability, and cost of fresh produce.  

FruPro provides fresh food suppliers for retailers with access to high-quality fruit and veg quickly and in one platform. 

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Food Supply Chain and Retail Sourcing Problems

Buyers in the supply chain face a lot of challenges from inconsistent networks to poor logistics. Aside from operational problems, there are also:

Barriers to online procurement

Wholesale fruit and veg sellers are also key to retail procurement. But the right wholesale fresh produce is not always available within all buyers’ network. So, access to fruit and vegetables is still limited, preventing retailers from meeting consumers’ needs.

When buyers like supermarkets or restaurants cannot meet the demands of their consumers – money is lost, food is often wasted, damage is done to reputation and customer loyalty decreases.

See our consumer demands in fresh produce article.

Buyers need trusted partners and high-quality fresh produce. Excellent fruit and veg on demand from a trustworthy source is essential, but how? Our platform has worked to achieve this. We know retail sourcing should be cost-effective, time-effective and hassle free. Try using our online marketplace for all businesses in fresh produce.

Expanded Food Supply Chain Reach with FruPro

We have worked hard on these problems to ensure all parties can access what they need, when they need it. FruPro provides an extensive network to the supply chain, so all parties can trade with confidence.  

Here are the key things buyers can do on our platform:

Buy Directly

FruPro is the one platform for all businesses in fresh produce. We provide a way for retailers and other buyers to connect instantly with sellers of fresh produce. 

If a retailer wants to buy food directly from farmers or find wholesalers and importers that meet their exact needs – this is available on one platform.  

Not only is it easy to search for specific produce, each of the below are easy to view before buying:

Post demands to a live food supply chain network

Buyers often tell us it is hard to procure fresh produce at short notice, so we made it easy. Access high quality fruit and veg from trusted sources on demand.  

Any buyer using FruPro can clearly state a demand for fresh produce they need and share this with our active network of growers and other suppliers.  

This means that with one post – you can inform a whole network of suppliers that you need specific fruit and veg of a certain quality in a specific time frame. 

Our social feed is also active with offers being posted daily and diverse demands being met. This allows growers and suppliers to quickly connect with buyers and sell their products.  

Trading has never been easier, thanks to our platform.

Message your existing partners or new ones (in-app messaging) for your needs

FruPro allows supply chain members to interact smoothly. Using our in-app messaging provides one simple place to keep track of order updates and changes. 

Suppliers will also send broadcasts offering their stock so you know when and where to find fresh produce, without lifting a finger. 

You can also broadcast a message to all your suppliers for any fresh produce needs.  

Thanks to our social feed – buyers and sellers can interact live with products, offers and demands in one place. Instantly connect with active traders through our live feed.  

Get Auto-Allocated Orders

When orders come from the recurring suppliers, it’s possible to get these trades automatically allocated and save time for your business. 

In the fight against food waste, excess stock is becoming easier to allocate, meaning retailers can access surplus products at lower prices. 


Buyers like retailers, restaurants, wholesalers and importers all need active clients and reliable stock in specific timeframes. Old trading relations bring trust, and this has been the standard for the fruit and veg industry. But fresh produce buyers are missing out on a network of growers and sellers that can provide quality and diversity instantly, through one simple platform. FruPro makes this happen.

If you are ready to talk, fill out the form below and let us help your business.

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